Thursday, February 13, 2020

Persuasive speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Persuasive speech - Essay Example We decided that we needed to help such women in Africa who had no access to health facilities and who had no way of reaching facilities due to pours roads and poverty. We called some friends back in Kenya who informed us that the problem of woman not having access to health facilities was a chronic problem in the country and infect in the whole continent and that the lady in the video was infect one of the luck few who survived due to the elephants and tourists help. This set us on a fact-finding mission, which put us in connection with the ministry of Health as well as the ministry of gender in the Kenya who were very willing to facilitate and coordinate for us so that we could start up mobile clinics and build health facilities in remote areas of Kenya. They were also willing to give us the free immunization kits for babies and mothers as well as free family planning kits provided by the government. They also promised to give us some medical personnel who would be on government pay. The need for funding was all that remained and this is where we will need our partners help. We concluded that the best way to go about this was to raise money through a website and to seek assistance from other like-minded organizations in order to help the women of Africa. We also decided to seek the help of the WHO were very willing to assist us. To enable this great work we had to be registered as a nonprofit organization. Our name is â€Å"African Sister†. This is the vehicle through which we will work to help our sisters in Africa. A non-profit organization that we have started will enable you to contribute to society by giving of your resources in terms of money and labor. It will also give you the opportunity to travel and interact with new cultures. We shall be giving a certificate of participation for all those who will take part in the

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