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The Over Representation Of The New Zealand s Crime Sector...

The over-representation of indigenous peoples and minority groups in crime rates is a significant issue appearing in several countries worldwide. This essay will focus in on the over-representation of Maori in New Zealand’s crime sector. The disproportionate levels of crime within the Maori population will be looked at first through a contemporary strain theory lens- using the relationship between Police and Maori as an example to demonstrate how Maori may end up over-represented in the official crime statistics. A critical criminology theoretical framework, namely labelling theory, will then be used to provide further understanding about why the over-representation of Maori in crime rates has remained consistent through several generations. Individuals who identify as Maori currently make up 15% of New Zealand’s population (Quince, 2007) , this reduces when age is taken account; where of New Zealand’s population over 15 years old, 12.5% identify as Maori (Elers, 2012). Grossly disproportionate to this is the representation of the Maori population in New Zealand crime rates. Studies have shown that in New Zealand, Maori individuals are approximately 38-39% more likely to be prosecuted and convicted of an offence than non-Maori. They also showed that Maori individuals were nine times more likely than non-Maori to be kept in custody whilst awaiting trial for an offence. They are seven times more likely to receive a custodial sentence after conviction and are markedly lessShow MoreRelatedInfluence Of Systems Theory And Whanau Ora Approach On Social Work Practice Essay2587 Words   |  11 PagesFirstly, this essay will discuss what social work is and its role in New Zealand society. This essay will then examin e the influence of Systems Theory and the Whanau Ora approach on social work practice. It will highlight the contributions Systems Theory and Whanau Ora have made in relation to Maori culture and domestic violence intervention. This paper will then identify the critical issues facing the domestic violence social work sector, exploring the dangers of individual based practice, the westernRead MoreGendered Roles Of The Police Force Essay2083 Words   |  9 PagesThe law enforcement sector is one that all members of society have been exposed to whether it be from personal experience, hear-say or representations in the media (Horton and Smith, 1988). These exposures to the police force although from inconsistent sources, have one key consistency, they are highly gendered and hyper- masculine (Wells and Alt, 2005). The police force has experienced great advances in terms of gender relations since the 1980s, however gender still influences the trends, forcesRead MoreSex Tourism Essay499 3 Words   |  20 PagesTO5101: Tourism systems analysis Sai kumar Nalla Student ID- 12325398 Executive summary: In the recent years Sex tourism is the most attracting and increasing sector in terms of tourism studies. There are increased research, paper work, books, articles and several magazines released in the market related to sex tourism. Today there are many forces at work in the normalization of the international sex industry (Jeffeys, 1997). As sex industryRead MoreEvaluate the Role of International Trade and Economic Integration in Promoting Development.6281 Words   |  26 Pagesgroups. Even countries which share similar GDP Per capita differ substantially when it comes to people quality-of-life: access to education, health care, employment opportunities, the availability of clean and safe drinking water and the threat of crime etc. Recent United Nations documents emphasised â€Å"human development† measured by life expectancy, at adult literacy, access to all three levels of education, as well as peoples average income, which is a necessary condition of their freedom of choiceRead MoreA Swot and Pest Analysis10002 Words   |  41 Pagesdeal with new threats and challenges such as the significant increase in the number cyber crimes, security and privacy concern. KEYWORDS: e-Filling, e-Government, e-Information, e-Litigation, e-Payment, e-Procurement, e-Service, e-User, G2B, G2C, G2E. ASIA-PACIFIC SOCIAL SCIENCE REVIEW 103 E-GOVERNMENT IN SINGAPORE—A SWOT AND PEST ANALYSIS Introduction E-Government is one of the most important applications of the Internet. It has emerged as a new platform upon which the public sector may serveRead MoreAnz Bank142091 Words   |  569 Pages2014 ANNUAL REPORT Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ABN 11 005 357 522 This Annual Report (Report) has been prepared for Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (â€Å"the Company†) together with its subsidiaries which are variously described as: †ANZ†, â€Å"Group†, â€Å"ANZ Group†, â€Å"the Bank†, â€Å"us†, â€Å"we† or â€Å"our†. ANZ ANNUAL REPORT 2014 ANZ IS EXECUTING A FOCUSED STRATEGY TO BUILD THE BEST CONNECTED, MOST RESPECTED BANK ACROSS THE ASIA PACIFIC REGION WHO WE ARE AND HOWRead MoreMixed Economy7299 Words   |  30 Pagesof the Korean peninsula at night. Can you tell which half is Communist and which half is Capitalist? | Communism is a form of socialism. It puts control of all property into the hands of the government directly. The results have been impressive: over 100 million people killed in the last century. Communism is the bloodiest form of government ever conceived. It enslaves the entire population, and rules through fear. Because it destroys property rights, it makes the production of wealth almost impossibleRead MoreSocial Determinants of Health10939 Words   |  44 Pagespast. Australia’s Indigenous cultural traditions have a history and continuity unrivalled in the world. Far from signifying the end of Indigenous Australian traditions, new forms of adaptation are bringing new vitality to older cultural themes and values that need to be addressed. Contemporary Indigenous Australia presents new challenges, issues and options for reconciliation. Aboriginal people have been in Australia for between 50,000 and 120,000 years. They were a hunter-gatherer people whoRead MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagesissues in the text and/or provide practical examples of how business and public sector organisations are managing strategic issues. The case studies which follow allow the reader to extend this linking of theory and practice further by analysing the strategic issues of speciï ¬ c organisations in much greater depth – and often providing ‘solutions’ to some of the problems or difï ¬ culties identiï ¬ ed in the case. There are also over 33 classic cases on the Companion Website. These are a selection of cases fromRead MoreIntroduction to Large Scale Organizations18988 Words   |  76 PagesClassifying LSO s *Number of employee s exceeds 200 (according to the ABS) *Revenue (gross income) is in the millions of dollars *Total assets or market capitalisation (no. of shares x share value) is over $200 million *Profit after tax is still in the mil lions *Extent of operations (multinational or transnational) *Management structure (there must be a clear distinction between the owners and managers) Types of LSO s -Can hail from either the public or private sector -The private sector refers to

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