Saturday, December 14, 2019

How my brother leon brought home a wife Free Essays

â€Å"How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife† Leon and Bald waited for the arrival of Maria at the barrio. Maria was afraid that she will not be accepted by Loon’s father because she may not able to adapt their way of living in the province. Bald was ignoring to his older brother’s question about why did d they have to go to WAIS instead of Camino Real. We will write a custom essay sample on How my brother leon brought home a wife or any similar topic only for you Order Now The reason is that their father wanted to t est. Maria if she is worthy to be Loon’s wife. Bald discussed their travel to his father. Appreciate Maria. Because she accepted and respected Leon for what he area Ill is. She didn’t care what Loon’s life back in Encumbrance. She was a supportive and a love inning wife to Leon. She was so endearing and kindhearted lady. She was very keen to meet Loon’s family. The fact that the rural is different from the city can be somewhat disco raging but the closer hey get to the house, Maria still manages to overcome any trials. SSH e admits for having some fear, but she also shows clearly it did not stop her. Believe that social status is not a hindrance if you truly love each other. How to cite How my brother leon brought home a wife, Papers

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