Friday, December 6, 2019

Process for Crafting Discussion Question Responses

Question: Having you write about the information you have encountered through the magnitude of required reading in the doctoral program is a method that allows professors to effectively evaluate your ability to absorb and synthesize content. As you move forward on your doctoral journey, what process will you use to be successful in crafting your written discussion question responses and essays prior to submitting them for grading? What steps will you take to improve your writing skills at the doctoral level? Answer: Process for Crafting Discussion Question Responses Understanding the scope of document: The length of the written document will be understood and also the complexity of the document will be analysed so that best written discussion can be provided. Brief Introduction: An introduction has to be mentioned clearly describing the purpose of the paper. The introduction will provide an outline to the readers about what has been discussed in the paper. Therefore, the person will have to clear check the introduction before submitting for grades (Guffey Loewy, 2015). Finding main points: The main points will be highlighted so that the reader can get complete detail about it. The thesis mentioned has to be clear so that the acceptance level of the document can be increased. Identify readers: The readers will have to be kept in mind while designing the document so that it is well accepted by the readers. Therefore, it can increase the chances of getting good grades. Checking language: The language used in the paper has to be rechecked in order to find any language that may be difficult for the readers to understand. Evaluate evidence: The right fact and evidence has to be provided that relates with the thesis so that effective documents can be submitted (Enos, 2009). Improving Writing skills Understanding the requirements: The skills and material that will be required has to be studied first (Pennington, 2009). Collecting information: In next step, the required data has to be acquired that relate with proposed paper. Seeking expert advice: The person can communicate with expert to understand particular topic. Searching previous papers: The person can get idea from previous paper and its way of writing. References Pennington, M. (2009) Essential Study Skills Guffey, M. E. Loewy, D. (2015) Essentials of Business Communications Enos, M.F. (2009) Assessing writing and Editing skills

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